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About Finish Line®

Finish Line® Horse Products promises to bring you the best quality healthcare products for your horse at the most reasonable prices we both can afford. Our goal is to manufacture products that will work…Guaranteed!

Finish Line® has been a leading provider of quality horse healthcare products since 1979. We strive to produce products that will show you a noticeable improvement in your horse at the most reasonable prices.

Through internal R&D, customer feedback, and quality ingredients, Finish Line® has become a trainer-recognizable name as a company you can trust to provide excellent products at great values. You don’t have to take our word for it. Product comparisons reveal our finest ingredients and dosage pricing shows our real value. Upon request, we can provide simple comparisons for you to see the difference.

Brief History

John-Edward-Howe-Copy              oscar-howe-copy              jc-howe-copy

    John Edward Howe                    Oscar Edward Howe                       John Casper Howe

The Finish Line® tradition for manufacturing quality equine healthcare products began in 1979, but their history with horses dates back to the late 1890's. That is when our founder's great grandfather rode with Teddy Roosevelt and the roughriders in the Oklahoma territory.

Using botanicals, herbs, and natural remedies for equine health, John Edward passed the tradition onto four generations. His son Oscar depended on his training skills to feed his family during the depression. His grandson John Casper Howe, known throughout the racing industry as JC started out as a jockey at Sportsman's Park in Illinois at just 13 years old. He was under contract as an apprentice rider for both Bootsy Hernandez and Harry Trotseck, riding in New Orleans, Southern Florida, and the Midwest. JC began his long career of training horses at the age of 19. He won over 500 races with a modest stable and horses were his greatest love. He trained horses for nearly 50 years and trained as many as 24 horses at one given time. After his retirement at the age of 62, he remained a presence at various race tracks. 

JC's training suggestion: "Horses are like children.. Trainers need to be content with what they get, mold them, and treat them equally". He admitted that Playgoer, Easy Lad, Rust'em, Wink-at-me, Oakdale, Prime Minister, and Jack Durett's Cold King did stand out from the others. He helped his son, John, with some insight to Finish Line® product development and helped formulate the product named after him: JC's X-Tie Up.

John R. Howe used his family's old-time remedies and combined them with the talents of Dr. Irving Domsky, PHD, Chemistry and Nick Cinquino, Lab Technician to create Finish Line® products. 

Since Dr. Domsky retired, Mr. Cinquino accepted the position of Laboratory Director and Research Chemist. Nick has over 30 years of equine healthcare product formulation experience.