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Weather and How it Affects the Care for your Horse

Does weather change and affect your horse? Just as horses need to keep warm in the cold, frigid weather conditions, hot weather changes how to care for your horse as well.

Here are tips for caring for your horse as the weather changes:

COLD WEATHER TIPS: Ample warming blankets and good insulated barns to retain heat will help. But what about providing your horse with enough nutrients? Will this work? Well, you certainly don’t want to over feed horses, but good diet and supplements will definitely help keep a horse healthy.

Finish Line® supplements are a great way to add nutrients and multivitamins given daily will help add vitamins and minerals to your horse’s diet.

Ultra Fire™ is a great powder multivitamin.

Iron Power® liquid multivitamin provides extra iron for blood building.

Air Power Cough Formula is for seasonal allergies, coughs and colds.

And like people, animals need to drink ample fresh water daily, whether it is cold, cool, warm or hot.

HOT WEATHER TIPS: Keeping your horse and pets cool in the scorching hot days of summer is essential. It is extremely important to keep your horse hydrated. Many people don’t remember this since they don’t drink enough daily fluids themselves. Remember to give fresh cool water daily and also check the height of the bucket to make sure water and feed intake is being received. Plenty of water and electrolytes are highly recommended.

Remember to exercise your horse during the cooler hours such as morning or later evening. Remove saddles, harness, etc. to let skin breathe. Remember to keep a horse moving slowly after a workout, as they need time to slow down the pace. Walking at the end is good. Start workouts slow and end slow with only short times of running in between during hot weather. Overexertion happens too often during the hot days. However, over working out can even occur on cold days, too. Use good judgment with your animal as you would yourself.

Sponge Baths and using a body wash work to cool down during heat. Remember to keep sprayed water away from eyes, ears and nose. Also, remember to spray and sponge down GENTLY.

Cool barns with fans, shade and areas to avoid overexposure to the sun are needed. Shallow water buckets are needed during transit in hot, stuffy trailers. Sprayed water to cool off stalls and stepping areas help. Remember to keep water away from fans.

Here are Finish Line® products to help:

Blaster™ Horse Spray...natural and concentrated horse spray, and you control the effectiveness by mixing when you need it!

Electrolytes are essential to horses since they lose electrolytes during sweat, exercise, and times of stress. Read about Apple-A-Day™ and Orange-A-Day™ Electrolytes. Also, see Electrocharge™ for Quick Recovery.

Always remember to call your veterinarian if you suspect any problems with your horse (not drinking water, stopped eating and skipped a few meals, elevated temperature, heart rate or respiration are elevated more than normal, etc.). When in doubt, just ask as there is always a caring Vet to answer your concerns. There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to caring for your horse.