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Feet First® Coat 2nd

Feet First 2.25 lb
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Feet First 4.5 lb
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Feet First 22.5 lb
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Feet First 9 lb
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Feet First Coat 2nd Label
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Healthier Hooves, Coat & Skin


Developed over a two year span with the help of veterinarians, blacksmiths and trainers, Feet First® is guaranteed to work! Feet First® is a cost effective feed supplement for healthier hooves, coat, and skin. This supplement has the best fatty acid sources… and your horses will love the taste! Some of the natural ingredients include:

Flax Seed: a quality source of Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are the “missing link” in horse nutrition. Horses do not get these fatty acids in the amounts needed in their typical feeds.

Virgin Olive Oil and Wheat Germ Oil: a good source of additional fatty acids.

Gelatin (a source of amino acids) and Ascorbyl Palmitate: a fat soluble version of Vitamin C.

Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. 

REMEMBER: The hoof covers and protects several bones, tendons, ligaments, fibro fatty and fibro cartilaginous tissues. It also helps dissipate the energy of impact. No hoof, no horse!SM

Available sizes

2.25 lbs, 34 day supply for 1 horse at 30g (53cc) per day

4.5 lb, 68 day supply for 1 horse at 30g (53cc) per day

9 lb, 136 day supply for 1 horse at 30g (53cc) per day

22.5 lb, 340 day supply for 1 horse at 30g (53cc) per day



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