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Horse Shoe 2 lb
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Hoof Health with 22 mg/oz of Pure Biotin.


For horses that need help with hoof growth, Horse-Shoe provides 22 mg/oz of pure Biotin, 2500mg/oz of methionine, and 2800 mg/oz of gelatin in a mineral base to promote uptake and utilization. Niacin and Calcium Iodate help to promote circulation throughout the system, including the feet. Normal blood flow promotes hoof growth by making sure the tissues have the required nutrients. Additionally, Horse-Shoe contains Bromelain, a natural enzyme that can help fight inflammation, believed to be one of the causes of founder.

Available sizes

5 lb, 70 day supply for 1 horse at 1 scoop (1 vol. oz, 32g) per day

20 lb, 283 day supply for 1 horse at 1 scoop (1 vol. oz, 32g) per day

Note: Top dress one ounce of Horse-Shoe daily. We also recommend that you rub the coronet band on each leg with your hands or a brush for a minute or two each day, to further stimulate blood flow to the hooves.