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Total Control® Plus

Total Control PLUS 4.7 lb
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Multisystem Health


All-in-one Total Control® PLUS is a combination of Finish Line®’s 6 essential products plus additional ingredients from XBL® Ultra. XBL® Ultra promotes healthy capillary strength, including in the lungs. Additional products included are: U-7 Gastric Aid, Iron Power®, Apple-A-Day, Fluid Action® HA, Feet First®, and XBL®. All of these products combine into one good-tasting daily supplement that helps support 7 systems in your horse: Gastric, Blood Counts, Hydration, Joints, Feet, Coat, and added Capillary Strength.

Not available for sale in Texas. 

Available sizes

4.7 lb, 28 day supply for 1 horse at 2 scoops (106cc, 75g) per day

9.3 lb, 56 day supply for 1 horse at 2 scoops (106cc, 75g) per day

23.2 lb, 140 day supply for 1 horse at 2 scoops (106cc, 75g) per day

Note: Total Control® PLUS was first tested in 2006 by an independent Veterinarian, specializing in the care of Standardbred Racehorses. This same veterinarian was overwhelmed with the results and quoted, “This is the supplement every performance horse should be on.” Secondary testing followed with over 50 thoroughbred Trainers and Farriers. Needless to say, the results have been excellent!

How does Total Control® PLUS promote healthy blood counts? Appropriately high levels of iron and many B-vitamins, along with copper, cobalt, and other ingredients, are known to be, “an aid in preventing iron deficiency anemia.” Finish Line®’s Iron Power® has all of the same active ingredients.

How does Total Control® PLUS promote healthy hooves, hair and skin? 15mg of Biotin, a wide variety of Amino Acids including 130 mg Methionine, Omega 3 and 6, Fatty Acids (from quality sources like olive oil, wheat germ oil and flax seed) and other ingredients are the cornerstone of Finish Line®’s Feet First®’s success in promoting healthy hooves, hair and skin.

How does Total Control® PLUS promote healthy digestion? Just like U-7, Total Control® PLUS is not an antacid. It does not inhibit stomach acid production. Instead, a combination of herbal components such as Slippery elm Licorice, Cinnamon, Cabbage, Aloe Vera, along with Zinc and several vitamins promote healthy digestion.

U-7 Gastric Aid was studied by Dr. Scott McClure. Click here to read the study!

How does Total Control® PLUS promote healthy hydration? Finish Line®’s Apple-A-Day is one of the Equine Industry’s favorite electrolyte feed supplements, which has effectively supplied macrominerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, iron, and trace minerals like manganese, copper, cobalt, and zinc to horses for over 20 years. Total Control® contains the same levels of salts, maintaining the same ratios of these important supplements. This product will stimulate your horse’s thirst, promoting healthy hydration.

How does Total Control® PLUS promote healthy joints and bone? 5000mg Glucosamine, 2000mg MSM, 100 mg Sodium Hyaluronate, 1000mg Vitamin C and B-complex, along with herbals including Yucca, Boswellia all contribute to the promotion of healthy joints and bones.

How does Total Control® PLUS promote healthy strong capillaries? XBL® Ultra ingredients such as 400 mg Hesperidin, Rutin, Vitamin K and other vitamins and proteins promote healthy capillary strength.

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