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Research and Development


Only the most thorough research and development goes into each and every Finish Line® QUALITY Horse Product. Our goal is to bring you the finest quality products for your horse. We care about horses and always stress: Be good to your horse.SM

Our products contain superior ingredients and not just a lot of fillers! We are proud to call our products: “Original, All Natural, Apple-flavored, Tested,” and filled with “Quality!” Botanicals, herbs, and natural ingredients compliment Finish Line® formulations to bring you the best possible products for your horse. We take equine healthcare seriously.SM 

Finish Line® is the “Originator” of the apple-flavored electrolyte, we use the same unique apple flavor in many other feed supplements like Ultra Fire and Apple-A-Day Electrolyte. Our poultices are creamy smooth on your horses’ leg. Finish Line®'s poultices go on easy and come off easy! Kool-Out™ Poultice cools and tightens after every workout and Original Premium Poultice is for minor inflammation/irratation.

In order to best serve its customers and the horses they care for, Finish Line® has, and is constantly in the development of, laboratory facilities at its factory location. The availability and wide range of analytical instruments has proven very valuable in both R&D (research and development) or new products, as well as QC (quality control) of existing products.

With the scope of R&D, the lab has a large variety of small quantities of raw materials for the product of ‘lab batches’ of new products for testing. Glassware, digital and mechanical balances, pH meters, viscometers, microscopes, cameras, Gas Chromatographs, Liquid Chromatographs, computer-based data acquisition, thermometers (electronic, IR and mechanical types), vacuum and convection ovens, vacuum pump, spectrophotometer, centrifuge, reagents for specific test, deionized water supply, a freezer, pipettes and test papers are just some of the equipment available for R&D projects.

Many of the same instruments and equipment are also used for QC or Quality Control projects. For example, several ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, glucosamine hydrochloride, methylsulfonylmethane, and biotin are considered “High Asset Value.” They’re expensive, so each incoming shipment is tested to insure that the identity/potency is what it’s supposed to be. All other raw materials are quarantined on arrival and can be used in manufacture only after approval, per the procedure in Finish Line®’s NASC BMP manual (National Animal Supplement Council, Best Manufacturing Practices manual).

The lab is headed by Nick Cinquino, BS Chemistry, with over 30 years experience as an analytical chemist and formulator. Nick has been associated with Finish Line since the early 1980’s.

Some fascinating situations can develop as a result of lab work. Case in point: several years ago Finish Line® purchased several of the leading joint relief products and ran several tests on all. On adding up the solid material listed on the guaranteed analysis of one of the products (competitor brand), a theoretical solids of 28% was calculated. But the actual oven solids came out at only 8%. Something is obviously not right. Finish Line®’s laboratory can assure that this never happens to our products; they contain what’s stated on the label, guaranteed.

The lab’s mission is in line with Finish Line®’s philosophy; to assist in the formulation, production and quality control of all Finish Line® products and processes, so you, the consumer gets the best possible value for your horse’s well being. The lab is located within the facility where all Finish Line® products are manufactured, so the lab assets can be applied immediately to an issue large or small at any time and for any product or process. Long term R&D formulation projects can last up to two years, with input from Veterinarians, Trainers, and specialists such as Farriers. 


Dr. Mark Phillips -- Independent Consultant/Product Evaluator 


Mark W. Phillips, DVM

Unanimously elected to the Florida Harness Racing Hall of Fame in 2009, only the second Veterinarian to be so honored. Mill Pond Equine Clinic, Coconut Creek, Florida. 

Mark has used Finish Line® for 12 years.