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Guillermo "Memo" Gracida



"My horses have excelled since using Finish Line® Horse Products, winning some of the most important tournaments worldwide! My horses love and respond well to ALL Finish Line® Horse Products." 

Memo began his career at the age of two when he learned to ride. He started off playing tournament polo and as a teenager, he then advanced to international competition. Polo is a tradition for the Gracida family, Memo's father, brothers, and his cousin have all participated in U.S. Opens but nothing compares to Memo's 16 U.S. Open Victories! His several record setting achievements have made him the Player of the Centennial Era and a Polo Hall of Fame Inductee. Memo Gracida has used Finish Line® Horse Products for over 12 years.

Some Career Highlights:

  • 16 U.S. Open Victories
  • 21 Years at 10 goals
  • MVP of the U.S. Open Seven Time
  • Player of the Year Four Times
  • Player of the Centennial Era
  • Polo Hall of Fame Inductee
  • And many more!

To read more about Memo Gracida, please visit http://www.memogracida.com/