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Penny Brennan

Penny and Japan
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Penny and Sun Tzu CWD Gulfport
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"I would like to personally thank Finish Line® for all their products, especially Total Control®. Since using Total Control® my Grand Prix horses have enhanced physically in their work and their appearance. I no longer have to worry about ulcers, stress, or any other internal health issues. Total Control® is a complete equine balance from their feet to their coat. My horses are eating better, looking better, and working happier. Now they are winning multiple Grand Prixs throughout the states.  My horses have never looked or performed better."

Born in Nottingham England, Penny started show jumping at the age of six.  Penny was chosen to represent Great Britain, winning gold in multiple events on the junior European circuit.  Penny has also competed internationally, in England with wins and placing’s at Hickstead, Wembly, Birmingham International and also for the World Cup Qualifiers in Canada.

Penny has taken the top spot in the USA at venues such as Devon(PA), West Palm Beach(FL), HITS Ocala(FL), Pensacola(FL), Jacksonville(FL), Venice(FL), Palermo(NJ), Fieldstone(MA), Silver Oak Jumper Tournament(MA), Brownland Summer Classic, Nashville Classic(TN), Colorado Horse Park(CO), Culpepper (VA), Old Salem(NY), and Vermont Summer Classic(VT). Racking up 2015 with wins in Future Stakes, Welcome Stakes, and Grand Prix’s in Pensacola (FL), Alpharetta (GA), Gulf Coast Classic (MS), Venice (FL), Monmoth (NJ),  Littletown (PA),  and Aiken (SC) with her two top horses Japan and Sun Tzu.  

Penny and her PBI (Penny Brennan International) team are a thrill to watch and a fierce competitor to watch out for. Penny is known as the “master of the faster.” When competing against Penny being weak is not an option because when competition is fierce Penny brings her A game.