Learn About Monensin in Horse Feed

monesin in horses feed

Finish Line® Horse Products strives to be a leader in up-to-date equine nutritional information. We came across a topic on FDA’s website that we thought would be worthwhile to share with our audience, especially people in the area of Minnesota.

Fast Facts from FDA’s website

  • The FDA is investigating horse feed from a company in MN that contained monensin, an animal drug highly toxic to horses, even at low levels. To date, six horses from the same owner have died after eating a single batch of feed.
  • While the feed was a special order for the farm and not distributed to other farms, the FDA is issuing this notice to make feed manufacturers and horse owners aware that monensin in horse feed continues to be a concern.
  • When inspecting the firm, the FDA found that on the date the batch of horse feed in question was manufactured, Gilman Co-Op Creamery first mixed cattle feed containing monensin, and then did not perform adequate cleanout to remove the monensin from its equipment before mixing the horse feed.
  • The FDA continues to investigate this case and will take action as appropriate to protect animal health.