Find Your Horse’s PERFECT Match

Horse with Finish Line Horse Products

We know each discipline requires specific supplement support needs.

Below are some suggestions we have to help your horse perform its best!


Multi Vitamin for horses from Finish Line Horse Products
Multi-Vitamin Mineral Supplement
cough remedy syringe for horse
# 1 Selling Cough Remedy
Rapid Muscle Growth for improved performance


Total Control All in One Supplement
All in One Supplement Supporting 6 systems
Recovery supplement for performance horses
Quiet Energy, Shorter Recovery
Finish Line U7 Gastric Aid for Horse Ulcer Support
Healthy Stomach and Foregut


EZ Willow Finish Line Medicated Poultice
Helps soothe soreness
Rapid Muscle Growth
horse joint fluid supplement
Superior Joint Support


Total Control All in One Supplement
Complete All-In-One Supplement supporting 6 systems
Finish Line U7 Gastric Aid Equine Ulcer Supplement
Stomach and Hindgut Health and Support
Immune booster


Finish Line All In one Horse Supplement with bleeder help
Complete All in One supplement supporting 7 systems
better than red cell for horses blood counts
Keep blood counts where you need them
Rapid Muscle Growth for improved performance


fast acting electrolyte for horses
Rapid Electrolyte
vitamins that help against horses tying up
Prevents Lactic Acid build up
all natural pain relief without bute for horses
Natural Comfort Relief


no sugar and best electrolyte apple flavored horse
Complete sugar-free elctroyte
Calming product for horses
Helps ease horse’s nerves
safe ointment for horses
Soothing furazone FREE wound ointment and sweat

To ensure your horse(s) receive the perfect supplement combination, please reach out to a Product Specialist and they will gladly help you with your decisions! or 800-762-4242 and always check with your local feed store!