Finish Line Horse Products Host 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament for Thoroughbred Trainers

Finish Line Horse Products Fishing Tournament

March 8th, 2021

Official Press Release


Finish Line Horse Products is dedicated to supporting the Thoroughbred industry on and off the track. Due to the success of our 2020 Fishing Tournament, Finish Line Horse Products hosted another tournament in 2021. They continue to strive to show their support is by giving top trainers a way to connect and be competitive in a unique environment.

The event was held in Florida during the winter meet at Gulfstream and included many top Thoroughbred trainers. 

“We feel hosting the FLHP invitational bass fishing tournament is a great addition to our relationship building, and it also makes a great impact on the racing community by bringing everyone together.” — Finish Line Horse Products President, Steve Blanchard

“We believe this event is instrumental in connecting the industry and allowing trainers an opportunity to relax and revisit core fundamentals of being competitive by having some fun!”  – Finish Line Marketing Manager, Ashley Robinson

The tournament’s list of winners looks like a who’s who of a condition book. Check out the winners below!



Win- Brian Lynch  

PLACE- Roger Attfield

SHOW-  Bill Harrigan


David Fawkes. 


WIN- Natalie Fawkes. 

PLACE- Rusty Arnold 

SHOW- Shug McGaughey