Iron Power®

Dr. Mark W. Phillips

“I tried all the other oral supplements on the market and didn’t think any could raise blood cell counts, then I tried Iron Power®. It is the only one that increases blood cell counts.”
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Description & Benefits

Iron Power® is used as an aid in preventing iron deficiency anemia. This daily supplement is a multi-vitamin /multi-mineral supplement with high levels of B-vitamin complex that support healthy blood counts in your horse. It will not make your horse hot or nervous when given as directed.


IRON POWER® has the following benefits for your horse:


  • B12 supports DNA, RNA, energy metabolism, liver, brain and nervous system function
  • WILL NOT TEST POSITIVE or make a horse nervous when given as directed
  • See Results with Iron Power® in 30 days!


Available sizes

64 fl oz, 32 day supply for 1 horse at 2 fl oz/day maintenance

128 fl oz, 64 day supply for 1 horse at 2 fl oz/day maintenance

Product Comparison Data, per 1 floz

Nutrient IRON POWER Lixotinic Red Cell
Iron 250 mg 84.9 mg 300 mg
Vitamin B1 57 mg 12.5 mg 30 mg
Vitamin B2 70 mg 6 mg 25 mg
Vitamin B6 21 mg 7.5 mg 8 mg
Vitamin B12 90 mcg 12.5 mcg 120 mcg
Niacin 150 mg 60 mg 0
d-Pantothenic acid 150 mg 0 48 mg
Folic Acid 10 mg 0 7 mg
Biotin 1.0 mg 0 0.02 mg
Vitamin C 295 mg 0 0
Cobalt 10.8 mg None 1 mg
Copper 0.3 mg 1.2 mg 36 mg
Biotin 0.5 mg 0 0.02 mg

1 review for Iron Power®

  1. Ben Barber

    spent years on red cell only to find I was wasting money. vet did blood work and said no good so tried this out of desperation. next time around blood work showed improvement. great stuff.

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