Kool-Out™ Poultice

Unmedicated Poultice

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Description & Benefits

Kool-Out Poultice is an aid in the temporary relief of minor stiffness and soreness due to overexertion. Equine skin is 8–10 times more sensitive than human skin; Kool-Out was formulated especially for sensitive horses.  Kool-Out non-medicated poultice is creamy and smooth, it goes on easy and washes off easy. Finish Line®’s Kool-Out Poultice is mild enough for everyday use and for horses with sensitive skin, can be used over minor nicks and cuts. It cools and tightens your horse’s legs after work outs, performances, events, and races. Also used as a hoof packing.


KOOL-OUT™ POULTICE has the following benefits for your horse:


  • It cools and tightens your horse’s legs after workouts, performances, events and races.
  • Mild enough for everyday use and for horses with sensitive skin.
  • Can be used over minor nicks, cuts, blisters and other surface abrasions
  • Easy on and easy off application

Note: Wash horse’s legs with castile or other non-medicated soap before application. 


Watch how to apply the poultice to your horse’s legs:



Ingredient Highlights

Aluminum Silicate


Purified Water

Boric Acid


1 review for Kool-Out™ Poultice

  1. Kaitlyn Simpson

    This helped my 3-year-old’s 2-month-old Bowed Tendon. I put this on the leg for 8 days and it brought it down in swelling soooo much. I was told he would have to be in the pasture for up to a year to heal completely. I put him in a stall for 2 weeks and after that, he became a pasture pony. He is not yet healed to do heavy work, but he is ready to be ridden more and worked more on the light work. Mostly walking under saddle, and trotting and cantering on the lunge line. Of course, I keep his legs wrapped to prevent worse injury due to him being so young. I highly recommend this poultice.

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