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Five Star Review Horse Products

“My horse decided to be finicky about flavors and we tried everything before we landed on this great electrolyte. Now he eats it and stays hydrated all year long!” – Tina M, Missouri

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Description & Benefits

For horses that prefer an orange flavor. Finish Line®’s Orange-A-Day electrolytes and trace minerals help promote healthy hydration in your horse by replacing electrolytes lost during daily activity. This electrolyte/mineral replacement replenishes electrolytes and aids in appetite and water consumption. Orange-A-Day™ is a cost-effective product that contains no fillers, no sugars and no artificial colors!

ORANGE-A-DAY has the following benefits for your horse:

    • Supports healthy hydration for horse
    • Formulated to replace electrolytes lost through daily activities, such as sweating, urination and defecation
    • No sugar, artificial colors and fillers


Guaranteed Analysis
(per 1 volume ounce)
Calcium min 5.9% Calcium max 6.9%
Salt min 36.5% Salt max 19%
Potassium min 12%
Magnesium min 0.5% Manganese min 300pm
Zinc min 40pm Iron min 100pm
Copper min 10ppm Colbat min 0.3ppm
ORANGE-A-DAY  Comparison Chart
Orange-A-Day™ Stress-Dex® Electro Dex® Apple-Dex™
NaCl (salt) 36% 6.40% 70% 70%
Potassium 12% 3% 11% 11%
Calcium 6.40% 1.20% 0.50% 0.50%
Magnesium 0.50% 0 0.40% 0.40%
Manganese 300 ppm 0 0 0
Zinc 40 ppm 0 0 0
Copper 10 ppm 0 0 0
Iron 100 ppm 0 0 0
Cobalt 0.3 ppm 0 0 0

Guaranteed analysis data collected from manufacturer’s websites as of August 2013.


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