Feet First® Coat 2nd


Developed over a two-year span with the help of veterinarians, blacksmiths and trainers, Feet First® is guaranteed to work! Feet First® is a cost-effective feed supplement for healthier hooves, coat, and skin. This supplement has the best fatty acid sources… and your horses will love the taste!


FEET FIRST® Coat 2nd has the following benefits for your horse:

  • Feet First® Coat 2nd helps promote healthy hooves, coat and skin
  • Tasty, Flax seed-based supplement that contains natural essential Fatty Acids, Biotin, Methionine, Vitamins A, E, C, Zinc and more


REMEMBER: The hoof covers and protects several bones, tendons, ligaments, fibro-fatty and fibro-cartilaginous tissues. It also helps dissipate the energy of impact. No hoof, no horse!SM

Additional information

Weight N/A

2.25 LBS (34 day supply at 30g/day), 4.50 LBS, 4.5 LBS (68 day supply at 30g/day ), 9 LBS, 9 LBS (136 day supply at 30g/day), 22.50 LBS, 22.5 LBS (340 day supply at 30g/day)


Guaranteed Analysis
(per 30g serving)

Crude Protein min 5400mg Methionine min 100mg
Crude Fat min 5700mg Crude Fiber min 2700mg
Biotin 15mg Zinc 46mg
Vitamin A 12,350 IU Vitamin E 100 IU

1 review for Feet First® Coat 2nd

  1. Linda Kern

    This is the most amazing product that I have EVER found for sound and healthy hooves and an incredible coat for my horse. I am constantly getting compliments on his coat and my farrier scolds me if I accidently run out of my Feet First. He does not have hoof problems but my farrier notices a difference in Winston’s hoof wall if I take him off of Feet First (I only did that twice…NEVER again!). I get my feet first at S&S Feed in Oregonia, Ohio…..Thanks Neil and David for keep me supplied with all my Finish Line products!!

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